Aging skin is a natural process that we will all have to deal with. Skin loses its elasticity, it becomes drier, and rougher to the touch. Over time, wrinkles, spots and other issues emerge. For many people, this process can come too soon, or occurs too fast. That’s where Botox injections come in. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, in 2020, botox was administered 4,401,536 times in the United States alone. Botox, which smoothes out wrinkles and returns elasticity to the skin, has become an important tool in fighting ageing skin. If you can extend the lifespan of Botox in your skin, you will look young for longer, and will avoid the cost and hassle of returning for a Botox injection.

Use a Trained Professional
The qualifications required to administer Botox injections depend on the county, state and, even the country. Botox injections can be administered by medical professionals such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic spa physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, nurses, and physician assistants.

You should make sure that the person who will be administering the Botox injection has Botox injector training, if they are not a trained medical professional. A person who has received training will have the skillset to assess whether you can and should receive botox, where and how it should be administered, and, they will be able to design a treatment plan.

For instance, if you live in Toronto, you can arrange a meeting with some of the best Botox Toronto clinics near you to consult with professional injectors and get effective treatment of the highest quality.

Get Collagen Supplements
The human body has about 20,000 different types of protein, of which, collagen is the most dominant. Collagen is avital building block of a third of proteins in humans and other mammals. It is also important in sending signals to cells to repair damage in the body, and in boosting the immune response.

As a person enters their 20s and 30s, their production of collagen slows down, and this makes it harder for the body to maintain its strength and elasticity. If you smoke, drink excessively; get too much sun exposure, or eat a diet rich in added sugar or ultra-processed foods, your collagen production will slow down even more.

Collagen supplements have been found to be useful in replenishing our lost collagen, improving skin tone;, skin texture; and skin elasticity. Collagen will also lengthen the amount of time your body retains Botox.

Sleep is crucial to the rejuvenation of your skin. Using collagen supplements alone will not counteract poor sleep patterns. You need to get eight-and-a-half hours of sleep on a daily basis, to give your skin a chance to recover.

Eat the Right Diet
Other lifestyle choices that impact collagen production are dietary.  You should eat a diet rich in collagen, such as fish, chicken, greens, berries, beans, and cashews.

Finally, you have to counteract the effects of drying skin by hydrating. Drink water frequently so that your skin is not always inflamed and dehydrated.

You should also use moisturizer to hydrate your skin and to give it an added glow. Look for skincare products that use collagen as well as hyaluronic acid. 

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