We all have moments where motivation and energy seem to be unattainable. Perhaps you can free yourself from chronic energy drinks that may not have your good health in mind. Alternatives to these readily available but likely detrimental artificial energy boosters are not difficult to integrate into your routine. Adding a simple supplement or sipping a tasty and natural beverage can get you the results you seek and improve your overall health. What follows is a shortlist of suggestions to consider to get long-lasting energy throughout your day.

B Complex

A quality B complex supplement will consist of a mix of eight metabolism-boosting vitamins that promote your diet’s nutrients for healthy cell function. Their effects focus on proper gene construction and promote healthy cell replication and growth. Most big box stores have inexpensive and effective blends to sample. However, these vitamins are water-soluble and, as a result, need to be replaced in your body every day. 

While it’s true that most B vitamins are naturally occurring in foods such as eggs, seafood, and dairy, it can be that you are not getting the levels you need. B9, or folate, is also available as folic acid is essential for mothers and new mothers to reduce congenital disabilities. In addition, some doctors specifically order B12 shots to treat lethargy and thinning of the myelin sheath of nerve fibers. All B vitamins are essential for maximum utilization of nutrition for energy production.


Ceremonial grade matcha consists of fine ground whole green tea leaves. Prepared hot or iced as a latte, matcha can be a healthy alternative to your favorite coffee. It provides a caffeine boost that is slightly less than coffee so that you can avoid that jittery feeling. A well-made cup of matcha, whether hot or iced, can be quite a healthy treat. Many of your favorite coffee shops have started carrying this alternative if you are interested in a taste.

Green tea has a wealth of uses such as detoxification, promotion of weight loss, antioxidants, and potential heart and cardiovascular benefits. There is also the bonus of l-theanine content that has been proven to improve focus, mood, and overall brain function. It may not be the ideal coffee replacement for some, but it may be an excellent addition to the arsenal to defeat a mid-day slump.


Ubiquinol, or CoQ10, is naturally produced in the human body and aids the mitochondria of cells in utilizing nutrients for energy. In addition, CoQ10 is instrumental in adenosine triphosphate production, which aids in proper muscle function. The scientific research backing the use of CoQ10 is plentiful and overwhelmingly positive and worth exploration.

Not only is ubiquinol a valuable tool in creating energy, but it works as a powerful antioxidant and a potential treatment for high blood pressure and heart conditions. Anyone concerned for their brain health and those who battle with chronic migraines may also be interested in the many benefits provided by CoQ10. This supplement is fat-soluble and should be taken with healthy fats for best absorption. If you are eager to give it a try, MitoQ has various versions that target various concerns such as heart, liver, blood sugar control, and brain health.


Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that has long been important to Chinese medicine. Centuries of use have proven the value of its use for immune health and increased energy. It comes in different varieties that often have additional attributes and can usually be found amongst other supplements and frequently as a tea or food additive.

Research has shown that ginseng lowers oxidative stress and promotes healthy energy levels and has been suggested for use with cancer patients due to its overall benefits. Immune systems seem to also respond positively to the daily use of ginseng. In addition, there is evidence that it aids in vascular and tissue health as well as potentially encouraging the production of nitric oxide. This makes ginseng a helpful supplement in treating erectile dysfunction.

As with any new supplements or medications, it is always wise to consult your doctor about any potential interactions or concerns. The items described in this list have all been utilized to improve the quality of health and energy levels and are considered safe for most individuals to use daily. A wealth of research is readily available to prove why ditching artificial energy drinks for one or more of these life-improving supplements can be the best choice you make today.

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