You may know that CBD is beneficial for your health. But did you know that CBD can come from citrus fruit?

Yes, that’s correct. CBD can come from delicious citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, and lemons.

While most CBD products come from hemp plants, there is a new and improved way of getting the results. And it does not require plants anymore. Instead, citrus peels can create even more sustainable and natural CBD products that are just about as pure as they can get.

The official name for this phenomenon is known as citrus terpenes. It is the most extensive and diverse collection of naturally occurring compounds found in citrus fruits, tea trees, thyme, cannabis, and sage. And they are the newest wellness trends that you need to know about.

Citrus terpenes can aid in triggering the same receptors in our brain and body that hemp CBD can, only it does it better! So you can use CBD products that come from citrus to improve your sleep, enhance your mood, boost your immune system, clear your mind, and have an overall more holistic life.

To help further highlight how incredible CBD from the citrus can be, we have gathered everything you need to know about citrus terpenes, limonene, and the benefits of CBD oil from citrus over hemp plants.

1. Terpenes Have a Range of Uses

Not only are they the leading factor in driving fragrance, taste, and color of a range of plants. But terpenes also have a huge role in fighting off viruses, strengthening our immune system, and making sure we live a holistic lifestyle.

2. Terpenes Produce a Sensory Experience 

Because there are terpenes in cannabis, it is possible to get CBD with a citrus flavor like orange, lemon, or lime. The citrus terpenes in cannabis create a sensory experience that enhances smell, inflammation, and mental calmness. There is a range of citrus terpenes that you can get so that you can have a fruity experience with your CBD.

3. Limonene Plays an Important Role 

Limonene comes from the word—you guessed it—lemon.  In scientific terms, it is a component found in many citrus peels and offers equal ranges of health benefits. This includes helping people lose weight, soothing stomach pains, and helping calm down coughs. It is one of the leading examples of how a citrus peel can aid with stress relief and supports the use of CBD oils for those needing natural remedies.

4. Citrus Terpenes Replace Opioids 

There is a continuing problem with opioid use to help alleviate a range of health and wellness issues. Because citrus terpenes can offer the same results as opioids, but without the risk of addiction or substance abuse, it is replacing how people can deal with a range of issues. They can use citrus terpenes to soothe a range of problems in the safest and most natural way.

5. No Psychoactive Experiences

CBD oil with citrus terpenes is basically a heightened essential oil. But it can be both smelt and ingested, as it provides a THC-free cannabis experience. So if you want to calm down, small ingestion of the oil mixed into a smoothie or cereal or inhaling a small drop can produce incredible results for your wellbeing.

6. It Creates a Peel Based CBD

Most CBD products in the past tended to come from hemp plants. While it can produce calming results, it is technically not yet legal in all 50 States and is not pleasing to smell. On the other hand, Peel-based CBD is legal nationwide and does not have a potent effect.

7. CBD from Citrus is a Sustainable Solution 

To make hemp CBD products, a significant crop recourse is required. This included irrigation and space—often meaning that the hemp plant has to replace growing something else. But when it comes to citrus CBD, it relies on orange peels that most citrus farms would otherwise throw to waste. This means that CBD from citrus peels can create a sustainable product that helps people and the planet.

CBD oil from citrus is proving to offer life-changing results for those seeking a healthier life with natural products. With the same benefits as hemp CBD products but with a better sensory experience, sustainable production process, and absolutely zero traces of THC or psychoactive side effects, CBD from the citrus will be your new favorite product.

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